Back to reality

Andrew and INot long back from a week away in Benidorm for the Six Nations. It was an amazing week full of sun, fun, banter and of course the odd drink or two!  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I’ve posted some pictures to my instagram (here and here) if you would like to check them out.  There are more on my Facebook too.  We had a surprise a couple of days in when Johnny, Bev and Ibbo turned up unexpected (at least for some of us!)  Johnny was on his usual form and the shenanigans were many and varied shall we say!

The day after I came back I came down with a stomach bug of some kind.  Pretty much floored me Pic of most of usyesterday and today it is making a little bit of a resurgence too.  Some might say (not me surely 😉 ) that Andrew infected all of us!

The other bad news was that I finally had a price on repairing my car and it is going to come to £1500!  Still the best option out of the others.  It is gonna take around a month to get back on the road.  Hopefully sooner.

Tomorrow Wales will win the Grand Slam.  I am confident!!  Don’t let my confidence be misplaced!  Come on Wales!

That is about all I can type right now.  I’m going for a lie down.  Hope I am completely better tomorrow!

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