Cleaning the mind (and home)

After another long lull in activity here, I finally have my mind in a place where I can write again.  Maybe one day my “mind outages” will be less frequent.  Essentially what happens is I go into a sort of preservation mode whereby I dedicate all my energy to work and absolutely necessary tasks to keep myself afloat.  Everything else gets sort of paused.  It is not ideal and I do not like it but this is the only way I can weather the storms that occur in my mind.

Anyway, around the middle of last week (or was it the week before?) I decided that, although working from home is so much better for me, there was not enough separation between the home office and home life.  To that end, I decided to totally redo my work and living spaces to truly separate them.  It sounded easy on paper to me however once I got started I realised the sheer size of the task!  The space I wanted to move my work stuff into was cluttered and not suitable.  I had to move a ridiculous amount of stuff just to make the space I needed and this was before even getting the desk moved.  Anyway, after a day or two of shuffling, re-cabling, back busting and more than a few swearing sessions I finally got it done.  I am not completely happy with the layout but I can chip away at that over the next few days.  As is my custom of making things more difficult for myself I chose to do all this during the start of a heat wave.  I could have put it off but I really wanted the clean break.  So far it has been worth it.  Not to mention it is a lot cooler in the room where I work than in the back room where I was.  So a win all in all.

So my next focus after nailing down the layout is the age-old getting fit and losing weight mission.  In this heat, I notice my fitness and health issues a lot more.  Time to sort it!

It was also my 15th wedding anniversary last Thursday.  I honestly don’t know why my wife puts up with me!  I probably should have mentioned this right at the top of this entry but since my brain jumps around everywhere maybe I can be excused?  I’ll soon find out if my wife reads this!  Here is to another 15 and another 15 after that ad infinitum.

Also, in amongst the cleaning I watched Formula 1 which after a long break from watching I am getting really back into.  This season’s races seem to be far more varied and exciting.  Even at the front, the results are not always a certainty.  I am more engrossed in the midfield battles though.  Alonso is always entertaining for example.  Lots of British drivers to get behind too but I don’t really support anyone over another I just watch as I enjoy the sport.  I mean I have some drivers I like to follow more than others but that is due to their personality more than anything.  Drivers like Ricciardo, Alonso, Norris and Vettel as examples.  I feel that Vettel seems far more chilled these days and the things he is doing for the environment and speaking out on other issues such as racism impress me.

Finally, I have been getting back into gaming again.  Well, I never stopped but I was finding that no game could hold my attention for more than half an hour or so at a time.  Again that is down to my depression.  I’m pretty sure it is a symptom.  Anyway, when I find my concentration coming back for gaming and such I take it as one of the indicators that I am surfacing from a depressive episode.  I’ve played quite a lot of Fall Guys since it became free to play.  I used to play it on Steam a long while back but this new launch has rekindled my love for the game.  I will say the monetisation is a little too much.  Some items are way too expensive.  I understand that they need to keep the game financed but surely things can be a little cheaper?  Hopefully, they will adjust it over time or at the very least make more things available to buy with the in-game kudos which, frankly seem a bit pointless right now.  Still, it could be worse.  It could be Diablo: Immortal… what a train wreck that is.  If you are unaware of the controversy I would invite you to do a quick Google or YouTube search.  The game is pay to win.  Even if you are willing to put money in you would have to be rich to even get one character to the top level.  I’m talking hundreds of thousands of pounds.   So sad to see Blizzard going down this route.  I hope Diablo 4 doesn’t suffer the same fate.

On the gaming front, I think I will restart an Instagram account just to post them too.  I deleted the account along with Facebook and Messenger a while back.  I won’t be going back to Facebook and Messenger though.  I think Twitter and Instagram will be enough for me.  Too much social media content has never been good for me.

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