Darkness creeps up

Well even after all my good intentions the darkness peaks its head up again.  It sure knows how to pick its moments.  Hopefully I can shake it off before tonight or maybe just going out tonight will shake it off. Perhaps is because I always get nervous getting closer to social engagements?  That is more likely the answer.  However, if I don’t take myself out of my comfort zone I guess I’ll never conquer this beast!

In other news I’ve gone back to Warcraft after a long break.  The guild I was in welcomed me back with open arms which was nice.  It was good to get back into touch with old friends.  The guild is for people like myself so I guess I should have not expected anything different but still warm feelings abound at the time!  Now I just need to figure out where I left off.  I am not even at the level cap yet which is a first for me this late into an expansion.

Shades indoors. Yes I did that!
Shades indoors. Yes I did that!

I’ve also managed to play 7 Days to Die on the Xbox One for more than 20 minutes without disconnecting.  Will wonders never cease!  If only more than 2 of us could stay logged into the server that would be great.  I am sure my brother Matthew would appreciate that!

If anyone has tips on how to get it to work consistently please let me know below.  The forums and indeed the developers of the game have been less than helpful!

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