Disappointing start to the weekend

Today Vick and I planned to go to Heroes and Legends at Margam Castle.  However, once we finally got there after some shenanigans with the SatNav on my phone (my phone has been flaky since its latest update), we quickly discovered that the disabled access at the Castle itself was abysmal.  The parking spaces for disabled people are far from the Castle; in fact, they sit by the Orangery nearby.  Once you digest that the path to the castle is all uphill which in itself wouldn’t be bad but on gravel, it makes it so much harder.  Yeah, the path is on gravel and uphill.  I couldn’t get around this while also having a shoulder problem myself.  So, unfortunately, we left with heavy hearts, disappointment and mostly (at least for me) anger burning.

I do not know what the facilities were like in the event because we didn’t get that far and although it is likely not all the event organisers fault, they didn’t consider this kind of access problem very much if at all.  Vick wanted to see someone there too.  So, if you require a wheelchair, do not go to this event unless you are stronger than me.  I can’t help feeling I let my wife down by not being able to get her there.  I could see the hurt in her eyes and even as I type this now, I can feel my anger and tears pricking the sides of my eyes.

For the rest of the day, I’ve mostly been existing on painkillers and anti-inflammatories.  It has been almost a week now, and my shoulder still hasn’t healed.  It felt a little better for a day earlier in the week but then came back with a vengeance! So now I am going to relax and hope for a better day tomorrow.

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