I’ve created a forum here with its first forum being dedicated to anxiety and depression discussion.  The forum requires a login to access and I intend it to be a safe place for people to talk with each other about their experiences.

The forum will evolve over time as I add more content to this site of which not all will be depression and anxiety based.  I’ll be looking for ideas for forums and sub forums so send me ideas if you fancy.

Almost forgot, for the forum to show up and to be allowed to post you will need to register.

I’ll be adding sections to the site and forum quite regular and since I have 10 days off (4 already almost gone though… boo!)  the content should come quicker.

Sections will include:

  • Anxiety/Depression related posts (goes without saying)
  • PC tips, tricks, fixes and help
  • Game reviews and discussions about games and platforms I play on
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