So last night was the second night of not sleeping properly. I feel tired during the day but as soon as my head hits the pillow, bam my brain goes into overdrive.  It is not even anything in particular.  Could be ideas to fix bugs in software at work I’d recently been working on, plans to do other things in my spare time or just random wandering through my past.  I hope I can break this cycle soon.  I am finding it really hard right now to find the energy.

I’m still getting headaches too.  Not as bad as they have been but still there nonetheless.  I’m waiting for new glasses in about a week so hopefully that will help although my prescription is not that different albeit from 5 years ago at the last test.  Yes, I know, I should do it yearly.  I have no excuse.  I need to buck up as I keep getting the feeling I am letting people down who rely on me.  I have to be strong for them.  Walk it off as it were.

Half way through the day I started to get back ache.  Aching around the kidneys.  I thought “what is this now?”  I wish I would get cut some slack.  I made some good progress in the office today though towards my workload.  I think I am finally starting to get on top of it.  Still a bit of a backlog but not quite so daunting now.  The trouble is I am away Thursday and Friday so it may well creep back up although I doubt it would be much (I hope.)

Been out with the dog tonight but right after it my body aches.  He needs it though so I will push through it. Maybe try closer to bed if I don’t sleep tonight.

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