Eventful weekend

Well, my weekend got off to a great start! Woke up Saturday morning with a black eye forming.  I’ve been having Picture of my eye injurynightmares for a while but it has never resulted in me physically hurting myself.  I just wish I could remember what the dreams were about.  All I remember is the sense of dread for a while after waking.

This also coincided with a mental health assessment appointment I had finally managed to get for 12 that day too.  So who knows what she was thinking looking at that as I sat down!  The appointment went well though even though I ended up feeling mentally exhausted afterwards.  I always get that way when I talk about things.  Especially to strangers.  It did feel like a kind of release though.  I’ve been booked in for a week Monday for a follow-up and this may turn into weekly or fortnightly appointments.

The rest of the weekend was fairly normal.  Some plans I had went out of the window due to the massive headaches I had most of Saturday and into Sunday but I managed to get some things done at least.  Lets hope that this week is better.

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