Exhaustion and hope

It is only Tuesday night, and already I feel burned out.  Not sure why.  Nothing really has changed in my routine except for maybe my sleep patterns not being too great.  It is not tiredness, I feel.  It is more of mental exhaustion.  I am off work on Friday, and at this point, I cannot wait.  It will be nice to recharge for an extra day.  Vicks birthday is on Saturday, and normally we would be away.  Most likely at her favourite place – the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford but not this year.  Let’s hope that next year is a better year for us and all.  Let us hope that the vaccines that are currently in trials work well and safely so we can all start to take the fight to the virus.  Hopefully, in time, we can eradicate it.

However, reading the news today about antibodies not lasting long after recovering from Covid19, I must say it has damaged my confidence a bit.  However, from what I have also read, vaccines trigger immune responses differently so. Hopefully, they will work better.  Possibly a yearly thing combined with the Flu vaccine?  We have to hope.

One thing we need to try and stamp out is the amount of misinformation out there.  This helps no-one.  Follow the science and credible sources.  Do your research before concluding anything.  I saw something on BBC news today about someone’s Mother spreading conspiracy theories around, and it saddens me.  I will always take irrefutable evidence from multiple credible sources over random posts on Facebook, Twitter etc.  Sadly though, social media tends to turn things into an echo chamber for your beliefs due to the algorithms attempting to show you what you are interested in.  This, I believe, helps to reinforce false information by not exposing you to contrasting points of views and evidence.  I don’t pretend to have the answer to this, but we need to work towards one. I mean, you want the content you are shown to be targetted to your interests; otherwise, you’d likely use another platform, but that targetted content should not be false/unverified.

Time to turn in and try to get some semblance of a normal sleep pattern.  Take care and stay safe all.

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