So far this week has been a productive one mentally at least.  I am still yet to fully get back into dieting but I’m not going to let that get me down.  Now, this may be controversial to some people but I am glad the weather has cooled down.  I don’t want it to be cold but I could barely function in the heat last week.  Perhaps I am more suited to living in cooler climbs?

This weekend I plan to push into Android dev and at least have some mock-up functions working that I have been meaning to get into.  For some reason, Bitdefender is detecting parts of Android studio as malware.  Slightly annoying as after several scans there is no threat.  Better to be safe than sorry I guess.

The most positive thing for me this week has been my ability to keep a level headspace.  I have had little to no dark moments and the dark moments I have had have been brief. I’ve been able to talk myself out of them which is a feat in itself for me.  The only persistent negative the last few days is a headache I’ve been getting towards the end of every day.  I am not sure what is causing that. I’ve changed my glasses to a correct prescription a while ago now so I don’t think it is that.  I am drinking more water and a lot less coke so perhaps that is it?  The weirdest thing for me is actually getting upset at sad events on NCIS.  I know that sounds normal to most but to me it is revolutionary.  I can’t remember the last time a TV show actually manifested tears.  I have always felt the sad moments but for as long as I remember never have I physically got upset like that.  It felt good in a surreal way.

From the fitness point of view, I’ve started using my trusty Wii and Wii Fit again after a break.  Each time I step on the balance board and it cries out in mock pain at my weight it motivates me.  However, the weight it recommends I get to seems way too low.  I think it is due to a flaw in the BMI calculation.  We’ll see though.  I think 10st may be too low for me but what do I know?  I have been stretching parts of my body I didn’t know I had.  The aching is real!  On the plus side, it reckons my Wii Fit age is 36 so I’ll take it.  Relatively good condition it says! haha!  Perhaps it is just feeling sorry for me?

After some digging my host does support Python and I’ve played around with some small scripts.  All of the work is being done on my PC at present though so nothing is ready to upload to the site.  I did find a website listing lots of different APIs which would be interesting to use on the site whether with Python or not.  Over the next week or so I’ll be creating a projects section where I will be placing the tools I will create.  If anyone has any thoughts or has heard of any interesting open APIs that they have used in the past or seen used I’d love to hear about them.

Other ideas I have for the site are sections to give people more of an insight into me.  Such as compiling a list of my favourite musical artists, songs and authors.  I am not sure what form that is going to take yet though.  I would like to be able to link to songs and perhaps allow playing of them directly here.

Lastly, I created a Guilded server a while back and added a link to join if anyone would like at the bottom of the page.  It needs fleshing out but I am planning to use it as a safe place for people with mental health issues such as myself.  The primary focus will be gaming at first I think.  I do also have a discord server but I find the features of Guilded for gaming to be better.  If you would like to join then please click HERE.

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