Keeping the beast at bay

This morning started off badly for me mentally. For some reason an ominous feeling came over me which I couldn’t shake. I racked my brain trying to think of a reason. Maybe I forgot to do something? As the day progressed though nothing bad happened. In fact it was a good day mostly in the office. It just goes to show that depression is an evil beast seemingly striking with no reason.  I’ve been having a good week too. I won’t quite write off the week goal based on this incident but it definitely took a blow.

I’m still having energy level problems and I’ve been planning on taking more exercise in the evenings and weekends.  Hopefully after a few weeks of that I’ll start to feel the benefits.  Also in a couple of weeks, Tyrion will have had his last injection and I can take him for walks too.  He definitely needs to burn off his energy! One of his current outlets is to run around and around the sofa as fast as possible until he falls over.

Tomorrow night Andrew and I will be on a mission to see the blood moon. Hopefully it’ll be a clear night. First though, we will need to get the laser sight sorted and also two flasks of tea (the most important ingredient!)  While we are doing that, Sheryl and Vick are having a Harry Potter trivia night face off.  My money is on Vick.  Sheryl will have her work cut out trying to win.

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