New roads to travel and old ones revisited

Enrolled in an NHS study last night so now I’m officially getting tracked!  Seriously though, the stuff they do sounds interesting and I am glad to participate.  One of the apps seems to be draining my battery a little faster than I would like though.  I’ll have to mention it at our next catch up.  Right now I am not feeling too bad.  I feel like I am on the lower end of the depression cycle right now.  Good news for me, not so much for the study I guess.

The study is for two years I think (my memory needs some work) so no doubt there will be many ups and downs during that period.  Here’s to hoping I can understand this a bit more and take control of it more effectively.  I’d settle for that.

N64 and Goldeneye imageIn other news, I’ve been reliving my days playing GoldenEye on the N64.  I’m sure I was better at it than I am now!  Probably slowed down with old age.  The old hand-eye co-ordination is not what it used to be.  I am pretty sure I can still dominate the multiplayer (looks at Andrew) so bring it on!  Just need to get into Mario Kart 64 and Mario 64 now (Hmm, Nintendo really liked emphasising the 64 “bitness” of their console!)

Hope everyone is doing well.  Reach out to me if you want to chat.




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  1. I will get at least one victory this time around. Even if I have to cheat and look at your screen! 🤣

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