Not a great day

The darkness is starting to settle on me again.  As usual, I do not know what is causing it.  My whole body is aching; I feel dizzy and disorientated, which is not helping my mood at all.  I can feel my mood slipping and my patience wearing thin to the point of disappearing almost immediately.  This is resulting in my snapping at random and having outbursts towards people who do not deserve it.  That is not to say all my outbursts directed at people are not warranted though.  For example, Vick and I went shopping earlier, and I counted five cars parked in the disabled bays not displaying a badge.  A couple of people were getting out of a car and walking into the shop, and I couldn’t resist.  I said “Do you realise you’ve made my wife walk further now because you are taking up a disabled space? Are any of you disabled?  If so, where is the badge?”  They didn’t even respond but shrugged and carried on walking.  ASDA have a policy of ticketing people.  Well, at least they have posted that they do, but I’ve yet to see a single person get a ticket.  Maybe if they do issue them, they should put up notices of how many they’ve issued?  Perhaps then lazy, self-centred arseholes such as those people would think twice because clearly, they don’t have the decency or the conscience to behave like decent people.  Anyone who parks in a disabled bay without a badge or a legal reason to be there is an arsehole.  No exceptions.

Anyway, I’d best stop there.  Rant over.  Although it does feel good to type that out, I am thinking of contacting ASDA and asking them what they plan to do about such behaviour because from where I am standing; they appear not to be doing anything at all.

I’ve just taken some pain killers which I try to avoid if at all possible but the pain in my back is just not easing up.  Oddly, sitting in my computer chair feels better than laying down.  It seems like it is going to be a long couple of nights.

I can’t think of anything else I’d like to bring up right now, and my head is spinning so I’ll leave it there.  Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

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