Nothing ventured, nothing gained

On Sunday I decided to change the time I take my medication to an hour or so before bed.  The hope is that it will help me to sleep and stave off the drained feeling I have for the first part of everyday.  It has only been one day but this morning I did feel fresher.  This is by no means conclusive proof by any stretch of the imagination but maybe, just maybe, I’m on to something.  Then again it could be that I am only in work for two days this week so my mood is generally lifted?  A break is on the cards for sure.  It always sounds like I am saying that.  Hopefully this break will sort me out and I can put everything out of my mind that needs to get out.

I still haven’t started on the redecorating of upstairs properly either.  I’ll push through that over the next couple of weeks.  That should help lift my mood too.  Fresh paint and all that.  I just hope the walls underneath are OK and do not need too much work before repainting.  We also need to get the radiator in the bathroom reconnected quite soon.  Winter is definitely coming and it is freezing in there lately!  Hopefully that won’t cost too much to sort.

No revelations to share today on my past.  At least nothing is coming to mind right now.  Suppose that is a good thing.  It still feels kind of weird letting these things out though but is certainly a weight off my shoulders.  I bear no malice towards those who bullied me but it would be wrong to deny it had an impact on me.  Definitely shaped the dark sides of me that comes out today.

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