Painful but productive

I’m sitting here on a rainy Sunday morning aching pretty much everywhere, but somehow I am feeling good.  I spent most of yesterday moving my pc, consoles and rebuilding a server.  To many, that sounds boring.  To me though it was a necessary step to getting myself to a place I want to be.  It might seem weird, but getting my workspace organised helps motivate to start creating things again.  I have had a lot of ideas for apps and even games for what seems like forever, but they’ve never got out of my head.  Now I have everything set up the way I like I want to start them.  So much so that I got up relatively early on a Sunday!  Which, as anyone who knows me, is not my custom at all.  The only hindrance for me at the moment is two fingers on my right hand throbbing quite bad.

My knee should be my main concern as, in true DIY disaster style, when I was moving an old corner desk from one room to another it fell apart as I tried to get it around a corner.  That wouldn’t be too bad (even if you ignore the amount of swearing coming from my mouth), but it fell apart towards me, knocking me to the ground and landing on my left leg.  More swearing ensued, and for about 5 mins I just lay there angry and in a massive amount of pain.  I expected to wake up this morning with a swollen knee, but it seems to have stopped swelling overnight.  When we take Tyrion out later, it will probably come back to haunt me though.  If I include that with the numerous cuts and scrapes I received yesterday, I’d say it was a standard DIY day!

Another hurdle I have to overcome is due to the new layout streaming is going to be a little more awkward from the Xbox.  The problem of making sure I can see and notice when someone comes in is still around, but now the screens are further apart.  Due to the layout of the room and power sockets (not to mention now being a desk down), it wasn’t possible to place the PC next to the tv.  So apart from everything else, I’d like to get started today that is something else on my list.  There might be some addon I can use, and if not I’ll see if I can use the mixer API some way to alert me to chat with a noise.  In my sadness, I spent a while thinking about this before I eventually went to sleep last night.  Gotta keep that nerd card stamped I guess!

I just realised as I finish this post that State of Mind is playing by Mad Caddies.  Surely that is a good sign.

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