Somebody slow down the treadmill

Another day, another struggle.

That pretty much sums up my day today. It has been almost a week now since I doubled my dose and I still haven’t seen a benefit. Maybe I am being too impatient? I’m tired pretty much all the time.  I’m also getting headaches and a weird tingling sensation in my head. It is hard to explain but it seems to stop me in my tracks. I have to admit I am getting worried I won’t be able to pull myself back out of this one.  Every time I think of a solution I think of twice the amount of things that could go wrong with that solution.  Feel like I am on a treadmill that is going slightly faster than I can run.  I’m slowly falling backwards.

I’ve decided to take part in a study on depression which I am hoping will help me understand and, more importantly, help others going through this to understand and maybe deal with it more effectively. I certainly hope so anyway. If I could just find a way to manage the “dark clouds” that would have an amazing effect on my quality of life.  I haven’t been accepted into the study yet.  It is just in the early days however.

I’d like to talk to people like myself more so if anyone knows of any forums or something that are available I’d be very interested.  I did think of setting up a place here.  Not sure of what the interest would be though.  Discuss below if you are interested or contact me direct if you prefer.

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