I love to watch some live entertainment and Mixer or DLive are the places I find that the most when I am chilling in the evenings or weekends.  A list of some of my favourite streamers can be found below.  I urge you to check them out!

LyndonSG (mixer/dlive)

The world’s most chill coffee shop.  He plays a variety of games and is a great guy.  I spend most of my watch time there.  Be sure to drop by and check out Caffeine Championship Wrestling on Saturdays too!


She has a funny, dark sense of humour and is a pleasure talk with as long as you don’t disturb her coffin!


An amazingly funny, warm and entertaining couple.  I love kicking back and watching these two.  Founders of the Hoser Squad too.


An intelligent guy who is warm and friendly.  Great to watch!


If I’m working or just kicking back I love listening to Jordin.  She has an amazing voice and a lot of talent.  If you love live music I suggest checking her out.

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