Sunday thoughts

Although I have not made as much progress as I would like, I have made some progress and that has to be a good thing.  For me, it is a hugely good thing considering my stagnation over recent weeks (months?)

The biggest thing I have made progress on is starting to refresh my skills and starting to learn new things.  Such as:

  • Learning Python
  • Learning R
  • Refreshing my Android app development skills

I must admit, so far Python is more than a little weird for me but it is very interesting.  I’ll be using R for work or at least I plan to.  The are some things I may need it for to link to APIs in PowerBI reports.  As for Android dev skills, this is purely for private development.  I have folders of ideas for apps and some that are even halfway there but have sat them on the “I’ll come to them later” shelf for far too long.

It is really good to push myself like this again.  It has awoken a long slumbering excitement inside my mind for development which I had thought I had lost for a while.  Or at least let stagnate for too long.  It is really refreshing to be able to explore new things both personally and professionally even if some of the skills don’t require implementation in my role soon it is invigorating to me.

Now I guess I must go into the things I have not made progress with and I have beaten myself up about recently.  That was until I realised that self-punishment for things I have not done yet is not productive.  I know that sounds obvious to some but my mind seems to fixate on the negatives which, in turn, enforces my “failures” when in reality I haven’t failed I have just yet to begin.  That whole mindset change for me is huge.  I don’t want to get too excited about it since I have been here before and regressed but all the same, I am feeling optimistic about my future and that has to count for something positive right?

Things I haven’t made progress with:

  • Weight loss
  • Improving my fitness

Those two things are always a mountain for me at the best of times and, this may sound like an excuse, this week the heat has been almost unbearable for me.  The thought of exercising in the heat felt impossible to me.  If you take into account that, and I am embarrassed to say, I can get out of breath just walking up the hill where I live at the best of times I am pretty sure I would have collapsed due to the heat.  Perhaps I am being overdramatic but there it is.  Thankfully it has cooled down now and I hope to make some progress on those two things over the next few weeks.  Let me change that – I will make progress on those two things over the next few weeks.

Expect to see random updates to this site either showcasing apps I’ve built or I am in the progress of building (not sure if my web host supports Python, I need to check that) and some rants/frustrations expressed in future blog posts which (hopefully) will be offset with more successes than failures.  However, when I fail at something, which let’s face it we all do especially when learning something new, I pledge to not give up.  I’ll just dust myself off and try again.  I owe that to myself at least.

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