The lull

The last post I made turned out to be my 100th.  I should I have marked it somehow?  Meh.

Anyway, at the moment, I am still in cruise control with my mood.  It hasn’t dropped much at least.  The only problem is my motivation to do anything creative outside of work has dropped off a cliff.  It is strange.  Just before I go to bed at night, I have all these ideas and think to myself that tomorrow I’ll do those things.  Then tomorrow comes, and I don’t.  I wish I could get out of the rut.  I will have to force myself to do a little each day to get back into things.  I’m sure that when I do, I’ll find my groove again.

I’m having a lot of shoulder pain after an hour or so in a chair too.  That doesn’t help, and I am not sure why the pain is coming back now.  Perhaps doing some exercise and weights for that area will help?  Strengthen the shoulders and back.  Also, the extra weight I am carrying can’t be helping.  That is another area I need to sort, but I can’t even get myself into that either.  If any of you out there have tips on either of the issues for getting myself motivated again, I would love to hear them.

At least this weekend I managed to sort out my work area and rearrange my cables etc. in my room.  That has been bugging me for a long time.  It feels and looks so much better now.  I must admit it came to a point where I didn’t want even to boot up the PC to play due to the disorganization of it all.  Perhaps that has been part of the reason for me not wanting to start creating anything new?  Having a messy environment doesn’t inspire me to start.  Perhaps it even stifles my creativity a little?

That is all I have for now.  Perhaps I’ll have more to share on creative endeavours in my next few posts?  Hopefully.  I will try my best.

3 thoughts on “The lull”

  1. Proud of you its,a trying time we live in at moment. I miss you and have no motivation at times either. You will get through this and we will meet up eventually lots love mam xx 😘

  2. Its a strange and uncertain time lee I think we are all in the same boat.
    I have started trying to push myself 1 thing extra a week, first week it was beating my fastest walk time each day, second week was cut out caffine and this week its the first two plus a workout at home. I recommend trying ddp yoga its really good for back and pains have a look at some of the videos of it on here.
    I’m here if you need motivation or a bit of a nudge or even a chat but you know that anyway x

    • Hi Lee I also do yoga and Pilates and find both very relaxing put on some nice music and take it easy to start take care

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