Times are changing

Slow start to the year in terms of posting. The same can’t be said for work though. Busy both in an out of the office. That is not a bad thing but I do find when I do finally get home or time to settle, I have very little mental energy left. The positive news is that I have actually started a diet, been on it for a few weeks now and it is paying off. Not as quickly as I would like but it is coming off.  Who knows? Maybe I’ll get rid of the double chins soon… 😉

My wife continues to do well despite all the health problems she has. I’m proud of her and continue to be amazed by her strength.

One thing that can be said for sure though, this year is starting off to be full of shocks and surprises.  At least it is not going to be boring…

1 thought on “Times are changing

  1. Good luck with the diet. Since moving to France I have lost over 2 stone! Probably more to do with changing life style and doing more physical work. Have really enjoyed the changes, can’t believe how much I am enjoying getting up and going to work on the building site, something I have always thought I would like to do but never thought I would get the chance. My motto is grateful each opportunity as it comes, life is not a rehearsal. ??

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