Tough but not that tough

This week was tough for me but not as tough as it has been if that makes sense. I am still feeling tired every night when I finish work and even dropped off early last night!  I am managing to get more sleep but still averaging around 4-6 hours a night.  I did have one 8 hour sleep but I felt worse after it.  Don’t know how that works!

It’s been tough for Andrew and Sheryl too with their dog Tipsy being ill.  I didn’t write about it before as it was something that is private for them but now I think it is OK.  She’s gotten much better and managing to walk and run around now which is awesome news.

Walking the dog every day is helping me loads too.  At least it appears to be.  He still has a lot to learn about pulling too much though!  Also, he seems randomly afraid of things still but he’s still young so he will learn.

My ribs still hurt from time to time but I think I am mostly over it now.  Still catches me now and again however and sitting down for long periods is not great.  Random strolling is in order.

Now it is time for a relaxing weekend.  There are a few things I need to do but nothing out of the ordinary.  Oh yeah and I lost around 2 lb after 4 days on a new diet plan so that’s going in the right direction.


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