Tough climbs

It’s been a hard week so far.  Really struggled to keep my mood up and focussed.  Even motivating myself to write this has been hard. My eye is on the road to recovery but it does look worse than Saturday.  I won’t post an image of it this time though.  Surely once is enough for you guys!  Meanwhile, the nightmares and disturbed sleep continues.

Picture of WarioIn more positive news, I’ve managed to get a good setup of old and new consoles.  Currently the order goes NES (classic)->SNES->N64->Xbox ONE.  We still have a PS1, 2 and 3 also.  Though the PS3 is mostly used for Blu-ray duties downstairs these days.  Not sure if I’ve already posted about the retro-modern fusion but if so it’s worth posting about it again!  The N64 collection has increased slightly now as Mario Kart 64 and Mario 64 have finally arrived too so there will be many battles where I destroy everyone with an evil laugh as Wario! (cue the Wario laugh!)

Finally managed to get the radiator temp sensor fixed in the car today.  Also had the brakes checked so now we are ready for our trip to London in a couple of weeks.  Even though Andrew thinks brakes are for “wussas!” (I doubt he’d realised he be in the car with me!)  As each day passes Vick (and no doubt Sheryl) is getting more and more excited.  I am looking forward to the break too.  I know I have had one recently but that wasn’t by choice and certainly wasn’t enjoyable.  It’ll be good to switch off from everything for a couple of days.

Speaking of switching off – next year we are going to Benidorm again.  The last time I went it was amazing and I am really looking forward to it.  Although this time there will be less of us and Johnny will not have to deal with my awesome dancing… (the less said about that the better!)

So tonight it is time to reflect and wind down.  The end of the week is upon me and I’ve almost made it through.

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