Weekend adventures

Last Friday my brother Andrew, Sheryl (his wife), Vicky and I travelled to London and Watford.  The primary reason for the visit was a double birthday celebration for Vick and Sheryl which of course involved going to Harry Potter.  This was Vick’s 10th time and Sheryl’s first time.  We spent some time going around London visiting the Giant Harry Potter wands at St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye.  We tried to go to Ed’s diner one night but it was closed early so we ended up in Nandos which, as it turns out, was a big mistake.  The service was ridiculously slow and that was just to order.  The guy serving didn’t quite seem to know what he was doing and looked to be getting no support for the others there.  When we went back up to order dessert the wait to order was equally long and then almost an hour went by with no sign of the dessert.  It turns out that it was partially made and then they forgot to deliver it after numerous enquiries.  We asked for a refund and left.

We managed to get to Ed’s the next day though and it was amazing.  We all loved it.  I did particularly as the picture on the left shows!  Although my t-shirt says Foo Fighters it could just as easily be Food Fighters as Che pointed out!  On another note though, this picture makes it look like my hairline is receding quite a bit.  Sign of things to come no doubt.  I’ll have to embrace the baldness soon perhaps!

The tour around Harry Potter was great as usual.  Vick was loving it even though this was her 10th time.  It does change every few months or so either showing new props or sometimes adding entire new sections.  They are also building something to extend it.  No idea what it is but it does look strangely like a stadium from the outside.  Maybe something Quidditch related?

We finished off the weekend with a great meal at the restaurant attached to the hotel.  Overall the hotel was good and the staff were friendly.  However I wouldn’t say the accessible room we booked was quite as accessible as it could have been.  Also the door was sticking to the bathroom which caused my wife some problems.

When it was finally time for us to leave the car decided it would misbehave.  Even though it has been serviced in the last month, it was making a huge rattling sound.  Upon inspection the engine was basically dry of oil.  The AA guy topped us up and checked for leaks which there were none and also topped up the coolant.  However, it should not have been dry like that and I will be going back to the garage that serviced it to complain.  Even after this though with the car running smoother it still had issues every so often on the way back.  My pro mechanic Andrew topped up the oil some more in case it was that but that didn’t work either.  It seems to be bogging down, for want of a better phrase, randomly.  Losing power but the engine is not completely dying.  Another trip to the garage in my future!  Still it got us home so that is the main thing.  Ended up in work the same evening to resolve some software issues too so it was a long day!

I pretty much slept on and off the following day in between errands and picking up Tyrion and Smudge from the Kennels/Cattery at Pantymilah. We’ve used them for many years and they’ve been great every time.  I highly recommend them.  Tyrion went in for castration today so that was a stressful time wondering if he would be OK but he seems fine if not a little moody!

Finally, after some advice from friends on Facebook (thanks Alison), I’ve reverted back to taking my medication in the morning.  Still having sleep issues though so I’ll have to plod on. Overall though it was an amazing weekend and I thank Andrew and Sheryl for their amazing company.

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