Why is my mind like this?

Why is it so hard for me to get back into a groove of at least writing here?  I sometimes lay awake at night thinking about things I’d like to write and think to myself “that it is a great idea” but then the morning rolls around and …… nothing.  Maybe I should just get up and write in the night?  That seems to be when my mind is a peak creativity.  I’ve always been more of a night person anyway.  Perhaps it is the quiet?  Although that is an enemy of mine too.

Anyway, today I plan to get stuck into a project that I started a while back.  The plan is to work on it for a few hours and see where it takes me creatively.  The biggest challenge for me, is that after I have fulfilled all my obligations for the day, I have no mental energy left sometimes.  Just enough to feed myself (sometimes even that is too much) and then do little else until it is time for bed.  Which is when my brain then decides it has lots of ideas and thoughts!

I did finish a small project the other day which is quite satisfying.  It is a personal thing which I will never show the world, but it felt like a big achievement to me.

The thing is I know I can complete all these projects I set for myself.  I have the necessary experience and even on things I don’t know yet I am confident that I can learn them.  Mostly it is the learning part, especially getting my hands dirty and just having a go, that I find most appealing.  I just can’t kick my brain out of neutral enough sometimes.  So, when I do complete something however small, I relish it.  It is the small victories, right?  All I need to do is have enough energy left after giving it everything I have for my obligations to do some of the things I enjoy.  I know it will be worth it.

So today, I will at least get to a good place or even get close to finishing a project and who knows I may even break my personal creative dry spell?

As a side note, it always takes me longer to think up a title for these posts.  Why is my mind like this?  Ah, that’ll do!  Time to throw on some music and get it done and on that note, I highly recommend the new Chilis album – Unlimited Love.  It is brilliant! Black Summer is great!

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